Electrical Testing

Atwood Electrical Ltd works with domestic and commercial business in the Hampshire area ensuring that their electrical connections, services and equipment comply with statutory safety regulations.

We carry out DEICR's (Domestic Electrical Installation Reports) and EICR's (Electrical Installation Condition Reports), for households and Landlords as well as commercial properties.

Wiring regulations including all electrical equipment, including: fuse board, earthing arrangements, wiring, fixtures and fittings (i.e. lights, sockets, switches),  installation methods, loose connections etc.

Reliable & Qualified Electrical Contractors in *county*We cover the testing and inspection of the fixed wiring of a property (EICR) including:

  • the consumer unit;
  • earth bonding to gas and water pipes;
  • damage to switches, sockets and cables and
  • instrument test of the circuits.

additional carried out include :

  • Continuity of earth conductors
  • Continuity of ring final conductor
  • Polarity
  • Installation resistance
  • Earth loop impedance – to verify path of earth
  • RCD test to check tripping times and mA setting
  • The test involves testing circuits at the consumer unit
  • includes a visual inspection as well as an instrumental test.


"We take the complexity out of electrical compliance"


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